Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

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Divorce does not have to be resolved in court. One popular out of court divorce option is mediation. In mediation, the couple hires an impartial mediator who helps them reach a divorce agreement that is acceptable to both parties.


At Kleeman Kremen, our team serves as both mediators as well as consulting attorneys to mediation. We have helped countless individuals keep their divorce out of court and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

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Mediation Process

In mediation, the goal is to find an agreement that is satisfactory to both parties. Cooperation and collaboration is essential, but this does not mean that the parties have to agree on everything initially.

Benefits of Mediation

There are many advantages to mediation. Some of the top benefits include: flexibility, faster outcome, reduced costs, greater control, privacy, and preservation of relationship.


Mediation is designed to be efficient and flexible. Instead of waiting for the assigned court date, couples schedule their sessions to fit their schedule and needs. Mediation appointments with our mediation lawyers can be conducted virtually or in-person, which also allows for greater flexibility.

Faster Outcome

Want your divorce to drag on? Fight over everything. Want to speed up your divorce? Compromise. Mediation allows couples to set the pace in their divorce instead of waiting on the court.

Reduced Costs

In mediation, a couple hires a third party mediator to help work out the details of the divorce which is typically reviewed by a consulting attorney prior to signing an agreement.

Even if a couple cannot settle on every issue, mediation can still be financially beneficial. Instead of litigating every aspect of the divorce, mediation allows a couple to settle on the issues they can compromise on and then litigate the rest.

Greater Control

When a couple resolves their divorce in court, a judge decides the nuances of their settlement. When a couple mediates, they are able to maintain control of their settlement and walk away with an agreement that works for both parties.


When an individual goes to court, their divorce proceedings are public record (unless the judge orders the records to be sealed). In meditation, divorce proceedings are confidential and private.

Preservation of Relationships

When children are involved in a divorce, maintaining a civil relationship with the other parent is optimal. Mediation allows parties to reach an agreement that works for each individual and walk away with a working relationship.

Is Mediation the Right Fit for Your Case?

For mediation to be effective, each party must be able to speak freely and advocate for themselves (with the help of the mediator). If abuse is a part of the picture, mediation is not the right fit.

Mediation is a possible option at every stage of the divorce, even if you are in the midst of litigation. To learn if mediation is the right fit for your case, schedule a consultation today.

Dena Kleeman and Ruth Kremen

Dena A. Kleeman and Ruth S. Kremen have the kind of experience that is crucial in the practice of family law.

As a certified family law specialist, Dena A. Kleeman is recognized by the State Bar of California as having the requisite education and experience to represent clients in the specialized field of family law. She received training and certification as a divorce mediator through an approved program of the National Academy of Family Mediators. Ms. Kleeman has practiced family law full-time since her graduation from Stanford Law School in 1983.

Ruth S. Kremen has been practicing full-time family law since 1993. She has a wide background in the practice of civil litigation, including family law litigation. Ms. Kremen graduated from Georgetown University Law School in 1982, clerked for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in 1983, and entered private practice in 1984.

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